MBBS degree in United Kingdom

MBBS degree in United Kingdom

MBBS is one of the wide selection of many of the students throughout the globe. Especially in UK, it is one of the most selective courses among students. It’s an interesting fact that the UK universities has got 2nd highest Nobel prize for medicine. And, this is why migration of international students are increasing every year.

MBBS degree in United States of America
MBBS degree in United States of America

If you have a strong passion to pursue medical education and treat patient to help them get healthy then getthing MBBS degree in United Kingdom is one of the best options for you. It promises you a great career into medical field.

Now, studying MBBS in UK universities is one of most competitive course for Indian as well as international students. Not only this, but UK serves a great quality of education in medical field which far better than any other education throughout the globe.

You will see many of well reputed doctors from UK medical universities. Apart from that, you will get the MBBS degree which is going to be approved by NMC and directory of world councils.


Benefits of MBBS in UK


When you confirm for getting MBBS degree in United Kingdom, then there are many of the benefits related to it. Which are:


a- UK has got recognition for serving top notch education across the globe.


b- While a candidate choose to study MBBS in UK it gives them a great opportunity of international exposure with career guidance. UK has top education standard with some interesting and exciting medical technology and advanced methodology.


c- Apart from the course the students are going to get the graduate degree in medical field which internationally recognized and qualified.


d- FRCP, FRCS MRCP and MRCS expert leads these medical courses.


e- The other benefit of getting MBBS degree in United Kingdom is that they get a chance to clear MRCS, MRCP which are world recognized diplomas options.


f- The students get a chance to receive professional training which is organised by expert of NHS (National Health Service) hospitals.


There are many more benefits to choosing MBBS in USA which you will experience after you get there.


The application procedure


Step 1- You can take help from any of the websites to search top medical universities in UK.


Step 2- Now gather you essential documents such as your academic certificate, diplomas, etc. Note that if you are a non EU then you will have to apply before September 1 or June 30. On the other hand, if you are from EU state then you will need to apply before 15 January.


Step 3- Now you will need to go to the official website of UCAS and fill your application form to submit. All of the students who choose for getting MBBS degree in United Kingdom, they need to apply from the official website of UCAS.


Step 4- After that you get the confirmation of admission, you can move ahead and apply for the immigration process. For this step you will be needed to visit the Britidh embassy when you receive the invitation letter.


Step 5- The next is to inform your date of arrival to the medical university you are going to. University assist the student to pick them from airport.


Eligibility criteria


a- It is important that the candidate age is more than 18 years to apply for the program.


b- There are entrance test conducted by medical colleges which are UK clinical Aptitude test (UKCAT) or BioMedical Admission Test (BMAT) or as per offered by the college or university.


c- It is important that the students have gained highest score in main subjects which are Physics, Chemistry and Biology to enroll for MBBS course.


Top medical colleges of UK


Here are some of the top medical colleges in UK where you can apply by using their official website.


1- University of Birmingham located in Birmingha m

2- University of Cambridge situated in Cambridge

3- University College London located in Bloomsbury

4- Queen Mary University of London situated in Bethnal Green

5- University of Aberdeen located in Aberdeen


Make sure to collect your passport, English proficiency certificate, your academic certificate, your passport size photographs and application fees reciept with you. You can check the official website of the college for further documents requirements.

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