MBBS degree in United States of America

MBBS degree in United States of America


Every year there are more than 40,000 students who apply for the 30,000 available seats at medical schools. Why? Because America serves extra ordinary study of medicine. The passion to become a doctor and make patient healthy and treat them attracts them for getting MBBS degree in United States of America for the same.

MBBS degree in United States of America
MBBS degree in United States of America

A degree in medical field in America begins at postgraduate level. This simply means that the candidate will need to complete their bachelor years first. After they complete it, they are eligible to apply for medical school.

The United States of America attracts students and other people because the place is famous for Grand Canyon, Tech innovation, Sports and culture. However, the night life is also be added to the list. A student cannot only just pursue their career but enjoy their personal life as well. It will be a wise choice of you for getting MBBS in United States of America, it is guaranteed.

If you are also interested to study medicine in USA, then this piece is just for you.

Because, this piece is going to cover where to start, what to do for application and many more points.


What is MBBS degree?


This is the degree pursued for practicing medicine. MBBS does stands for Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery. Hence, this degree is known as MD in USA which does stands for Doctor of Medicine. Now, let’s move forward to look at what you will learn through this degree. Which is approximately a 4 years course.


What you will learn during the course?


For the first year


During the first year, the medical students will be needed to focus on the basicd and clinical science courses. The students will have the subject Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy and some additional subjects. There are going to be many of the things that you will be required to learn during getting MBBS degree in United States of America to build your bright future profession.


Second year


After first year when the students build foundation, then during the secind year they will be needed to apply and implement first year’s knowledge of basic science courses. This can be into a form of clinical clerkship as well. There are some of the other additional subjects that will be added:


A- A practical course

B- A course based on clinical skills

C- A health policy or global health course


Third year


The third year is the year where student’s main focus will be clinical clerkship. Student will also become a member of medical team.

This is the year which demand you to explore all the medical fields such as internal medicine, paediatric, psychiatry, neurology, radiology, etc. This year is all about student choosing their interested area and practice for further medical year.


Fourth year


The fourth year of student where they asked to start residency. Student have to choose the medical speciality that they want to go with. This is the area which is going to be area of expertise.


If any student have confusion and doubts on which field they shoulf choose then they can go ahead for a councelling. They will be assisted with best suggestions.


How to do MBBS in USA


In order to do MBBS or MD in USA, the applicant will be required to clear the bachelor’s first such as B.S programme before they can proceed to apply for the medical colleges.


Top medical colleges


1- Yale University


This one of the top ranking universities of America for getting MBBS degree in United States of America because it offers plenty of courses. There are 84 if the majors and 2,000 course in different fields for the undergraduate level. This university offers graduate program and professional courses which you can choose to study for further studies such as M.S, M.A, M.Phil. and PhD degrees. The university is most popular for the studies such as Political Science, Economics, History, Computer Science and Molecular, Cellular and Development biology.


2- Columbia University


Columbia is one of the oldest and finest universities in America. The university has hardly 5.8% approval rate. This is one of the top 10 universities in America according to QS world ranking. It is a private research institute which is located in New York.


3- University of Pennsylvania


The university was founded by Benjamin Franklin in the year 1740. It offers plethora of courses to the international students which consists 217 undergraduate major courses, 9 undergraduate certificate programs, 124 master’s programs, 84 doctoral programs and 53 graduate certificate and some of the minir programs.

The university also offers online courses through which students can choose to study and work along.


Now that you have this much information, go apply for any of the universities or colleges for getting MBBS degree in United States Of America to become an expert doctor.






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