MBBS degree in United States of America

MBBS degree in United States of America


When you dream to study MBBS the fist question that rises up in your mind is how to study MBBS? Or which is the best option to study MBBS? A top notch environment and education is required to become an expert doctor. However, choosing of getting MBBS degree in United States of America will be a wise choice.

MBBS degree in United States of America
MBBS degree in United States of America

America has a different approach to teach medical education than that of other countries like Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, etc. Hence, you know that USA already offers you many for the education and for your personal life and growth as well. If you want to enjoy night life, you can just drive to New York and if you want to enjoy beaches and sunrise you can  go anywhere. Also, you will not be required to attempt any of the screening test to practice out of America. Not only this, but MBBS is known to be MD which does stands for Doctor of Medicine.

How to start? Where to apply? What about the visa? Everything will be discussed in this piece of post. So don’t go anywhere stay tuned till the end.


Budget Includes


1- The obvious thing which is the entire course fee for MBBS.


2- You get the hostel accomodation for your student life in USA.


3- The fee includes food and living charges as well.


4- Other additional things charges.


Though getting MBBS degree in United States of America will look an expensive choice but it is cheaper than that of private medical Indian colleges.


How to do MBBS in United States


To get direct admission in one of the American medical colleges and getting MBBS degree in United States of America,  the students are required to be completed a pre-medical course or a B.S program. However, the medical education system is also known as  USMLE which stands for United States Medical Licensing Examination.


The standard way to do MBBS in USA


Every year, an entrance exam is conducted which is known as MCAT stands for Medical College Admission Test, through which many of the students from worldwide get the chance to apply for top medical colleges in America. An interesting fact is that USA owns 350+ medical universities. Those medical colleges are funded by the US government.

However, it also a difficult task to get through the MCAT examination because the competition is very high.

Not only this, but there are local students who attempt this medical exam for getting MBBS degree in United States of America and get admission in a well reputed medical college.


Admission process for MBBS in USA


When you interested to get a medical degree at one of the best medical colleges in USA, then you will be required to go through an easy process which is:


a- Fill one or more university application form by using their official website.


b- Now you need to prepare for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)


c- Now that you pass MCAT with the good scores you can further apply for the medical colleges to get admission into the American colleges for MD.


d- Along with all your certificates of academic years, you need to attach the letter of recommendation for the application form.


e- Now, when you get approval for the application it’s time for you to apply for one of the relevant visas for you.


f- There are some of the other admission process that the applicant need to fulfill as well.


g- After that you complete all the admission process, the candidate is ready to now fly for the medical studies in US colleges.


h-  Now the student needs to apply for the scholarship for the MBBS in USA.

Also, the scholarship is awarded only those students who have got outstanding academic achievements.


1- Can  a student work while studying in the US ?


Ans- It is not possible logically. Because the medical students finds it hard to get time. There are many of the international students who are allowed to work while they study but following guidelines as well.

The students who has got the F-1 and M-1 visas are allowed to work while they pursue their studies.


2- How long is MD in USA?


Ans- The MBBS degree in USA is known as MD. However, it’s a 4 years long duration which is tgen followed by 3 or 7 year of fellowship or residency.


3- Which is the highest degree in Doctor?


Ans- The doctorate degree is onw of the highest level of academic degree in any of the fields. In order to apply for a university teaching, you will need a PhD. It is also required to do the Doctofe of Medicine (MD), The Doctor of Education (EdD), and Juris Doctor (JD) as well.





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